Strengthen your health with a holiday in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Nothing is more important to us than our health; surveys show again and again that our happiness depends essentially on whether we are healthy and remain physically and mentally fit into old age. A good diet, sufficient exercise, and relaxation are the basic building blocks of such a healthy life. A health holiday helps to strengthen these foundational pillars and boost our motivation for taking care of our health in everyday life as well. Numerous preventive, health-promoting, and medically well-founded services and facilities await you in a magnificent setting in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the land of health spas and seaside resorts. These may focus on exercise and fitness, diet and weight loss, relaxation and inner balance, or prevention, to help maintain vitality and all-round health.

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Healthy nutrition

Get the taste for healthy food while on holiday

Gesundes MV Bewegung Bewegungsparcours

Exercise and fitness

An active holiday will get you revved up and fit for everyday life

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Relaxation and inner balance

A relaxing holiday lets you truly unwind

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Vitality and weight loss

Discard burden and regain strength in a vitality holiday