MV - Land of Health: health-promoting holidays in the countryside

Unspoiled countryside, over 200 years of experience with treatments, and innovative research centres make MV a real land of health. Two universities and three colleges with medical faculties provide the scientific basis for state-of-the-art health care in the region. There are more than 60 state-approved, traditional spa and health resorts, as well as 40 hospitals and some 60 prevention and rehabilitation facilities. The natural "health centres" – sea and sand, lakes and forests – in particular are extremely popular holiday destinations. Between above-average hours of sunshine, the cool coastal climate, the clean air, and tried and tested natural remedies, there's an abundance of natural assets for a perfect health holiday.

Competence centres in MV

Nature and science work hand in hand in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Health sites in MV

The special places for a health holiday in MV

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Regional remedies

Sea, moor mud, salt water, and chalk – the natural remedies of Mecklenburg

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